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Provence's goldThe Olive Oil

Olive oil in Salon

Olive growing and the oil trade were among the biggest businesses in 19th century Salon. The town used its prime ingredient to follow in the footsteps of Marseille and make soap in accordance with the rules set out by the Edict of Colbert in 1688.

The town played its cards right: its huge oil resources combined with the gradual mechanisation of manufacture and the arrival of the railway in 1873 saw Salon rank among the best in the oil and soap trade. It is actually known as “the capital of oil and soap”.


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Riccardo Mion 1169766 UnsplashRiccardo Mion 1169766 Unsplash

We were on holiday with our 2 children (3 and 6) in Salon-de-Provence and had a wonderful welcome from the new owners and a tour of the mill. Our 6 year old love learning how olives are made into oil. This family-friendly property has an intimate feel and excellent oil. We highly recommend it.



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