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A famous figureNostradamus

The City of Nostradamus

Michel de Nostredame

aka Nostradamus was born in Saint Rémy de Provence in 1503. He studied pharmacy then medicine in Montpellier.

After a long period travelling around South West France, he got married and settled in Salon-de-Provence in 1547. He published The Prophecies in 1555 which brought him into the public eye.

The humanist doctor was well-versed in astrology and caught the attention of Queen Catherine de’ Medici who he met in Paris in 1556 then at Château de l’Emperi in 1564.


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Anne Christine R

It’s a fascinating tour, I’ve done it several times and you always learn something new!

the house has lots of floors (stairs) and is filled with items and furniture that belonged to Catherine de’ Medici’s astrologer!



The museum opened in 1992 in the old town at the foot of Château de l’Empéri. It is in the house Nostradamus bought in 1547 to make a family home for Anne Ponsard and their 6 children.

It has been an “Author and Literary Heritage House” since 2006. This is where he wrote all his books and where he died twenty years later in 1566.

A 40 minute audiotour, 10 audio displays and a small planetarium recount the life of the great man, his scientific and philosophical work, his childhood in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, his training as a doctor that enabled him to wipe out the plague, his predictions, his office in Salon-de-Provence and his encounter with Queen Catherine de’ Medici.

Temporary exhibitions (original 16th century documents, items etc.) put the spotlight on the Nostradamus’s multi-faceted personality or the time he lived in. A gift shop sells his best-known work such as The Prophecies and Treatise on Make-Up and Jam alongside scientific items (astrolabes, sundials, compasses etc.) and writing instruments (ink, quill holder)



In the museum.

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