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A family story since 1900Savonnerie Marius Fabre

Marius Fabre soap factory

Over 120 years of history, 4 generations, untact and still working cauldrons… The Marius Fabre soap factory is still going and makes real Savon de Marseille and Savon Noir using olive oil and the age-old methods passed down by Marius Fabre.

Our soap

A unique philosophy

Ever since 1900, Marius Fabre Savon de Marseille has been natural and made from 100% plant-based oils with no colourants, fragrances, preservatives, animal fats or petrochemical products. It’s extra pure and removes any impurity. It’s gentle and takes care of your skin and laundry. It’s biodegradable and takes care of the environment. It’s economical and lasts longer once dry. It’s made in France at our soap factory in Salon-de-Provence using traditional expertise. The hot process soap is cooked in a cauldron true to the Marseille method. Marius Fabre products have all been made with the same philosophy since 1900: using plant-based oils with no animal fats, colourants or parabens, they’re biodegradable, eco-friendly, come in recyclable packaging and are not tested on animals.

Marius Fabre, le traditionnel savon de Marseille
Marius Fabre, le traditionnel savon de Marseille
Marius Fabre, le traditionnel savon de Marseille
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A lovely place, a quick and interesting tour, lovely welcoming staff, a shop packed with soap and natural cosmetics and toiletries in the lovely little town of Salon de Provence which is a joy to stroll around. It’s a thumbs up from me


14 days to make a soap

The stages of manufacture

Cooking the soap

Stage 1: saponification or “mashing”

This is when lye and heat in a large cauldron turn the plant-based oils into soap.

Stage 2: Salting out
The soap paste is washed in saltwater to remove any lye it still contains.

Stage 3: Cooking

The soap cooks for 10 days at 120°C. The cauldron is lit in the morning and put out at night.

Stage 4: Washing

The soap paste is washed several times to remove any glycerol, impurities and fatty acids that have not converted into soap.

Stage 5: Liquidation
One last wash in pure water removes any impurities from the soap to earn it the title “Extra Pur” (extra pure).

This entire process is called “la cuite” or cooking. It’s a decisive and delicate process that requires the soapmaker’s full attention.

The pouring of the soap

The soap paste is then poured hot (50-70°C) into “mises” which are huge moulds on the floor.

Knowing the ingredients and stages of soapmaking isn’t enough to make good soap; you need the expertise that’s been passed down from one generation to the next.

Soap drying

The soap spends 48 hours drying in the open air. When the mistral wind is blowing, any north-facing windows are opened to reduce the drying time.

Once dry, the soap is cut in the 30kg moulds into blocks of different sizes.

Soap moulding

There are two types of branding: hand-stamping on bars or in a machine mould for cubes. Cubes are stamped on all six sides true to the traditional “Savon de Marseille”.


The soap factory shop sells all Marius Fabre’s expertly-made products: Savon de Marseille, Savonnette, olive oil Savon Noir, olive oil-based organic toiletries etc.

Come and explore our products and the soap factory’s history in a cosy and aromatic setting

Shop opening times

Spring – Summer – April 1st-September 30thMonday-Saturday: 9.30am-12.30pm/2pm-7pm

Autumn – Winter – October 1st-March 31st Monday-Saturday: 9.30am-12.30pm/2pm-6pm

Special openings

July 14th and August 15thHeritage days, September 18th and 19th



The soap factory and museum

The Marius Fabre soap factory has kept the artisan legacy of Savon de Marseille and Savon Noir soapmaking alive since 1900.

Visitors of all ages can experience a unique and thriving legacy passed down through our family on an exciting and educational tour.

Savonnerie Marius Fabre 148, avenue Paul-Bourret. in Salon-de-Provence

Tel: +33 (0)4 90 53 24 77 –

Covid information Visitor guidelines are in place for your safety and that of our teams. Please adhere to the following safety measures whilst visiting the soap factory:

Please book the date and time of your visit online at

Please wear a mask throughout your visit

Wash your hands with the soap or hand sanitiser provided

Please maintain 1m between people

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