Façade De La Savonnerie Du Moulin à GrainFaçade De La Savonnerie Du Moulin à Grain
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Le Moulin à GrainArtisan soapmaker

Le Moulin à Grain artisan soapmaker

Not only is Salon-de-Provence home to two traditional soap factories but there’s also an artisan soapmaker making natural soap through cold saponification.

Artisan soapmaker

Visit the artisan soapmaker in the heart of Salon-de-Provence town centre. The workshop is in a former royal factory (1747)

Plant-based oil alone is used to make the soap. No palm oil, colourants or preservatives. Handmade soap, 100% natural origin The site sets the scene for the oldest Savon de Marseille legacy in Salon-de-Provence (1882).

Savonnerie du Moulin a Grain was a hub for importing Aleppo soap until 2010. We’ve always stayed true to our roots and kept things fresh so we use the cold saponification method to showcase our craft in Salon-de-Provence.

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A great place that exudes a sense of craftsmanship and unique expertise with fabulous vintage decorations. The products and hospitality are great. Highly recommended.


Site history

  • 1747 : Silk factory
  • 1765 : Royal factory
  • 1882 : Olive oil and Savon de Marseille business
  • 1914 : Grain mill
  • 1996 : Soap factory

The Mill’s Quarter of an Hour: Start-up of the last grain mill in Salon-de-Provence. Experience the world of our elders in the millers’ heyday.

Mill times: June 26th-August 31st Wednesday-Saturday: 6.30pm

Evening events:

Savonnerie du Moulin à Grain is open every Friday evening so you can visit the site with classes and tours of the soap factory. The shop is open.


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