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ExploreThe BA701 and the air force academy

The airbase and the french air force academy

The french air force academy

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It is the only flying school in France and trains 400 Air Force officers a year in military, scientific, social and intense physical training for positions “on the ground” or as crew.Some fighter pilots graduate from the school and make their name in the famous Patrouille de France. It is now made up of 8 Alpha Jets and has been at the Salon base since 1964.


BA701 airbase

The units on the BA701 airbase include:

the flying school for trainees recruited direct (EA)

the Air Force school for trainees recruited internally (EMA)

the flying school officers unit (COEA)

the special flying school unit (CSEA)

the superior air training centre (CEMS Air)

the group of Air Force administration schools (GEAAA) including the armed forces commissary school (ECA) since 2013 which was previously only for air commissary trainees

the Air Force management and administration school (EGAAA).


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