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The magic of Christmas

A unique experience to share with your family, Christmas in Provence

A magical Christmas

 in Salon-de-Provenec

Funfair, parades, tourist train, Christmas market, santon fair, Christmas market, 3D illuminations, nativities and more! It has everything you could want to make Christmas even more of a winter wonderland.



Salon is always beautifully decorated over Christmas with amazing illuminations 🤩🙏

Salon-de-Provence glows with the magic of Christmas.

Provençal traditions

The nativity

The Provençal nativity dates back to the 18th century and is a Christmas nativity scene with traditional Provençal characters and santons (santoun, meaning “little saints” in Provençal) all inspired by local life.

The big supper

In Provence, “le gros souper” (lou gros soupa) is the special family meal served before midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

The nativity play

Performers reenact the nativity in a stable.

The 13 desserts

The “treize desserts” or “calenos” served after the big supper: Nuts, dried fruit, raisins, dates, quince paste, candied fruit, pompe à huile (olive oil brioche) or fougasse, classic white nougat, black nougat (with caramelised honey and toasted almonds), red nougat (with rose and pistachios), Aix-en-Provence calissons, oranges, clementines or mandarins, watermelon.