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WaterSource of wealth

Canal de Craponne

Adam de Craponne brought water to Salon during the Renaissance with his ingenious canal system that diverted water from the Durance to irrigate the town and Crau Plain.

The innovation transformed the surrounding countryside to spark an economic boom and fuel agricultural progress.

The canal didn’t stop growing with the network’s extension and building of new canals.

The Crau meadows are watered by gravity. The canal at the top of the slope is blocked using a hammer mill. The water level rises, overflows and floods the meadow. A drainage canal at the bottom of the slope collects the excess. Also, 70% of irrigation seeps in and joins the phreatic zone to provide water to the towns.


Adam de Craponne

Engineer (1526-1576)

Adam de Craponne was a Provençal nobleman and French engineer who was born in Salon-de-Provence in 1526 and died of poisoning in Nantes in 1576.

Adam de Craponne changed Salon’s destiny during the Renaissance.

The town suffered from a lack of water so he designed a canal that diverted water from the Durance to irrigate the city and Crau Plain, which saw agriculture and business boom. The town paid tribute to his work with a statue in 1854.

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