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My explore bagAn Odyssey in Provence

An odyssey in provence

Go on a fun-filled adventure exploring our land!

This larger-than-life odyssey takes you through Salon-de-Provence, Martigues, Istres and Miramas-le-Vieux with an old treasure map and digital clues.

Grab your smartphone and follow your virtual guide on messenger to unearth 4 clues in 4 towns with challenges, riddles and questions.

Find all 4 clues then find the final GPS point. That’s how you end your treasure hunt on a high!

Visit Tourist Information to pick up your My explore Bag and start your adventure

You can do part of the Odyssey in Provence treasure hunt if you focus on one or two towns. You can do the whole thing at your own pace with no time limit or deadline.

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It’s an original way to visit the towns!

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