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ExperienceLa Routo

The La Routo trail

satisfies public demand for green heritage tourism. The Maison de la Transhumance and Ecomuseo della Pastorizia have been working together for over a decade to make it happen. The idea is to bring to life a route and cross-border network between the Crau Plain and Stura Valley. The route covers the old droveways and transhumance paths. It was made a Grande Randonnée trail in June 2020 and called the GR®69 La Routo ®. La Routo is a sustainable development tool for the area and brings together agriculture, food & drink, tourism, crafts, textile, environmental and heritage trades on the signature South of France theme in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Piedmont.


Présentation de La Routo
Présentation de La Routo
Présentation de La Routo