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Salonenque olives

Salon’s green gold

Salon has shared its name with a type of olive, the Selounenco (meaning “from Salon” in Provençal), which proves how important the olive tree and olive oil is in the Salon area.

It has a good yield and is used to make oil and cracked table olives. It’s a blended variety (oil and green olives). It hails from Salon-de-Provence and is mainly grown in Bouches du Rhône. It is one of the components of Baux-de-Provence (AOP) cracked olives, green table olives. It produces a fairly mild fruity green oil packed with plant notes, primarily artichoke, hazelnut and green apple


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We were on holiday with our 2 children (3 and 6) in Salon-de-Provence and had a wonderful welcome from the new owners and a tour of the mill. This family-friendly property has an intimate feel and excellent oil. We highly recommend it.

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