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Rampal family, 5 generations of men of passion. The story begins in the 18th century. Rampal J.J., master SOAP in Marseille, emigrated to the United States during the Revolution of 1789. Back in Provence, it transmits its know-how to son Jacques, who works as a master SOAP on behalf of traders at the Court of Pan SOAP in Marseille. In the 19th century, Pierre Rampal, his son, he also master SOAP, works at the savonnerie Gounelle in Salon-de-Provence. In 1900, assisted by his two sons, Jacques and François, it gets the gold medals for its oil and its soaps at the universal exhibition of Versailles. These awards, the SOAP master take their independence and settled in 1907 at 71 rue Félix Pyat at Salon. In the 20th century, Jacques and François Rampal suffer the crisis, notably during the great war. The raw materials are rare and expensive, deliveries difficult... Germaine Rampal, the daughter of Jacques, replaces his father who is mobilized, just like male staff. In 1950, Germaine passes control to his brother René Rampal. At that time, no longer are the difficulties of the war that must be managed: it is all the SOAP that we must save! Indeed, the appearance of the washing powders and modern detergents were quickly made to dethrone the SOAP of Marseilles who was until then the only product household and toiletry products used by our washerwomen. Always backup expertise, René Rampal, fifth of his generation, is aware that it must innovate if it wants to survive. In 1970, man of passion and intuition, he embarked on the manufacture of soaps scented with scents of Provence. Talented precursor, the success does not wait. In 1985, René Rampal, present at the side of his sister Germaine, faithful heir to this long and strong family tradition, is the first to launch the plant 100% SOAP. It is again the success. In 1990, benefiting from the excellent image of Provence, and particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries, customer widens and becomes international. In 2004, Jean-Louis PLOT resumes the Savonnerie, entrusted and transmitted by René RAMPAL, at the age of 87. Successors of five generations of masters SOAP, Jean-Louis PLOT, and his wife Irene are aware heirs and officials of this know-how continuously since the 18th century...In July August tour and free projection from Monday to Friday at 10:30
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