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View the city by having fun with the game for children booklet


Some pictures from the town of Salon-de-Provence... You find what they represent... You can also find the answers in the guide du Patrimoine.


When you have finished, file your booklet at the Tourist Office, a surprise awaits you.

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Salon-de-Provence is also referenced on the site is the idea of a mother who had enough to pass lots of phone calls to see if this hotel or this bed and breakfast have rooms to welcome her with her small children.

 A MOM who had enough to kilometres to visit this prestigious village, and at the time of unfolding the stroller: from large paving stones in the streets, we cannot roll.

A MOM who had enough to consult several sites for the info that interest him: where to go, where to sleep, what to do and see on-site... always with his children!

 A MOM who is convinced that Yes you can go sightseeing with his children.

A MOM who decided to make this interactive guide to overcome the lack of existing tools for families.
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