IN Salon-de-Provence,

you will find many places to relax, exercise, quietly read a book, take a break..... walk, run... in all simplicity...

Our town has a jogging trail "Parcours de Santé" in a park close to the center and 4 hiking trails located in the Massif du Tallagard, many bike paths and natural spaces in the city or suburbs.

The jogging trail is found in the Valentine St-Léon forest, Viougues district. Here, you can also find a playground with swings and slides, a skate park, a place to play ball, read in the sun or the shade of a tree, have a picnic with family and friends, and many other options...


LE MASSIF DU TALLAGARD and its trails...

La Pastorale:

With the discovery of the mediterranean flora and remnants of the pastoral and agricultural life, you can explore the farm ministry, the bancaus, the bories et le home of the baillif of Suffren among others.

For ages 5 and older. 

Distance: 5,7 Km. Length: 2h30


The Caussiers:

Having a shared portion with the Pastorale at the start, farther along, this trail offers an exceptional view of the Salonais country and its surroundings

Distance: 3,7Km. Length: 1h30



This trail takes you on a nice walk through the heart of the massif du tallagard. A trail appreciated by bicyclistes because much of it is paved, permitting to alternate between on and off road riding.

Distance: 6,5km. Length: 2h



A hike through impressive limestone cliffs and the beautiful pine forests of the Roquerousse massive.

Distance: 7,3 Km. Length: 2h30


Attention !!! Access to the trails is regulated !!!

Red zone in the summer !!! All information for your security at 0811 20 13 13

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