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Savonnerie Marius Fabre - Savonnerie Rampal Latour

In the 19th century, the growing of olive trees and trading of oil was one of Salon's major resources. With the wealth of this raw material, the town began to follow the lead of Marseille, manufacturing soap according to the rules laid down in the Colbert decree since 1688.

The town did well from this. The large oil resources, combined with the progressive mechanisation of production and the arrival of the railway line in 1871, helped Salon become one of the main regional centres trading in oil and soap. Oil merchants and soap makers took over empty plots of land for their businesses around the centre of Salon, near the railway station.

From the 1870s, factories were built, but also a large number of villas, their impressive appearance demonstrating the wealth of this industrial bourgeoisie.


Maison des savonniers à Salon de Provence

Many of them were situated in the vicinity of and on Boulevard de la République and Boulevard de Nostradamus. Alone, they form an inventory of the architectural fashions of the last decades of the 19th century up to the 1920s.

Spearheading the town's economy, these merchants also played an active role in its social and cultural life. For example, the construction of the Armand Theatre, inaugurated in 1884, was planned and funded by a rich merchant called Armand, who also left his fortune to it. During the same period, many “societies” were created, including the Arts Society, which began in 1886.

Although the First World War and then the 1929 depression brought these euphoric decades to a brutal stop, Salon has preserved a delightful architectural heritage, as well as traditional know-how from this period.

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Savonnerie Marius Fabre

MARIUS FABRE SOAP FACTORY & Savon de Marseille Museum

In 1900 Marius Fabre created his soap factory in Salon-de-Provence...

The museum traces the fascinating history of soap in Provence, starting in the Middle Ages, of which the Marius Fabre soap factory has kept the most valuable examples: engraved boxwood stamps, tools, first soap moulds, stencils for shipment cases, old packaging, headed paper, wash boards, etc.

Reflecting a very old tradition that is still alive today, this museum is the fruit of a family adventure which has lasted more than 100 years.

Marius Fabre soap factory, shop and Savon de Marseille Museum

148, avenue Paul-Bourret. BP 12 à Salon-de-Provence

Tél: / Fax: -

Free parking reserved for the clients

From 1 september to 30 june

  • The visit of the soap factory: Individuals : monday to thursday at 10h30 / Groups : by rendez-vous
  • Savon de Marseille Museum from monday to friday : 8 h 30-12 h/13 h 30-17 h
  • The boutique from monday to friday : 8 h 30-12 h 30/13 h 30-17 h 30

From 1 july to 31 august

  • The visit of the soap factory: Individuals : every morning at 10 h 30, from monday to friday, meeting 15 minutes before) / Groups : by rendez-vous
  • Savon de Marseille Museum : 8 h 30-12 h/14 h-17 h 30
  • The boutique from monday to friday : 8 h 30-12 h 30/14 h -18 h

Open during Patrimony Days

Closed between Christmas and New Year's (the soap factory is closed from 24/12 au 05/01), and for all holidays.

Prices :

  • Guided visit of the soap factory + Museum : 3,50€ (reduced rate : 2€)
  • Museum only : 2,50€ (reduced rate : 1,50€)
  • Free for children less than 15 years and the Salonais

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Savonnerie Rampal Latour

The RAMPAL Soap Factory was established in 1907 in Salon-de-Provence.

Come and visit the hundred-year-old factory, where we still make natural soaps that are soft on the skin and gentle on the environment.

Succumb to the charm, the fragrances and the character of this unique workplace suspended in time.

*In 1828, Pierre RAMPAL worked as a "Master Soapworker" in Marseille. His grandson, Pierre Lazare RAMPAL obtained a gold medal in 1900 at the Universal Exposition of Versailles. In 1907, he created his proper soap factory in Salon-de-Provence at 71, rue Félix Pyat, where we still produce soap today.

Savonnerie Rampal Latour

71 rue Félix PYAT

04 90 56 07 28 -

Free guided visits of the Soap factory:

  • Tuesday and friday at 10h30, during school vacations (all zones). 
  • Accessible to those in wheel chairs.
  • No reservation necessary

Free parking at the end of rue Félix PYAT

The factory store:

Passing through the authentic 1900 doors of the soap factory, you cross through some of the fabrication shop before discovering the factory shop. You will find natural and organic quality products - for the body and home - that respect the skin and our environment. True to its desire to respect the environment and be economical, soap Rampal Latour offers bulk packaging and wholesale at unbeatable prices.

The factory store is open from monday to friday from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 18h

Exceptionally, the store will be open the 3 saturdays before Christmas.

Calendrier des visites pour les vacances scolaires 2012/2013

  • February holidays: Visits possibles the tuedays 19 and 26 february, the 5 march 2013, the fridays 22 february, 1er and 8 march 2013.
  • Easter vacation:  Visits possibles the tuesdays 16, 23 and 30 april 2013, the fridays 19 and 26 avril, the 3 may 2013.

During the month of july 2013, visits everyday from monday to friday at 10h30 - Attention no visits in august though the boutique will be open.

Closed for holidays 

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