Square Jean XXIIISquare Jean XXIII.

Until the revolution, this space was occupied by the cemetery, it was the Mayor David who transferred it to the Saint-Roch enclosure.
In 1867 a memorial was erected in the middle of the square, regrouping around the virgin, the statues of Moses, Ezekiel, Isaiah and David..




Monuments aux morts Eugène PironMonument aux Morts d'Eugène Piron
Cemetery Saint-Roch - The sublime awakening

The monument in honor of those lost to the war 14-18 is cut completely from the rock in 1923 by the sculpteur Eugene Piron, representing an opening which appears to lead to the vault where the deceased are laid. At the entrance to this opening, a bugle sounds the 'Sublime Awakening' which summons the massed image of those who sleep there.


Fenêtre imitation Renaissance
Renaissance Window

35 rue Moulin d'Isnard

This mansion belonged to the family of Lamanon  from which comes the famous naturalist and botanist of the eighteenth century.
The porch and the Renaissance window, which are later additions, were enrolled in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments October 30, 1974.

Kiosque à MusiqueBandstand

Place des Martyrs

The first kiosk was built in 1900 on the main square of the city (now Place du Général de Gaulle).
In the summer, it was occupied every Sunday with concerts and dances, but in 1963, the Kiosk was removed when the place was renovated. A new kiosk was built in 1993 on the Place des Martyrs de la Résistance.

Place de Gaulle
Place du Général de Gaulle

Ex Place Thiers

Installed in 1878, it is named after the Marseillais Adolphe Thiers. The cattle market was held here and then transferred to Liberty Square (future site Jules Morgan). 
La Place Thiers was connected to the city center in 1883 by Jeu de Paume street and in 1900 was planted with trees.



Sculpture aile d'avionSculpture - Airplane wing
Place du Général de Gaulle

This sculpture of Alain Joriot represents 'the essence' of an aircraft (wing, engine ...) and the nest with chicks symbolizes the student pilots called chicks!
It was inaugurated on June 14th, 1987 for the 50 year anniversary of the Air School.



Fresque Nostradamus
Mural Nostradamus
Montée André Viallat

Mural made ​​by the Atelier "Miami" in 1985 after a work by Christian Dietrich (1712 - 1774).


Rond point de l'avionRoundabout of the Patrouille de France

Southeast entrance of the city

Inaugerated on April 1st, 1998, this monument represents an old training plane, the Fouga Magister (de 1956) and illustrates the close links between the Air School and Salon.  This aircraft is based on a 4-ton pedestal base which is attached to a concrete foundation anchored 4 meters deep. The unit has been reduced to half its weight (originally 3 tons) engines, flight controls, landing gear and cabin intruments have removed.




Statue Jean Moulin
Jean Moulin Memorial
On the RN 538

Work of the sculptor Pierre Courbier, this is the most impressive memorial in the Bouches du Rhone dedicated to the memory of Jean-Moulin.
It is located near the place of his supposed parachute drop on January 1st, 1942, when he returned from England where he had met with General de Gaulle to unify the three main resistance movements..


Statue de Nostradamus allées de CraponneNostradamus Statue

Avenue Guynemer.

Work by François Bouche, cast in aluminum bronze, it was inaugurated on 13 October 1979. This statue symbolizes the elements which mattered in the life of Nostradamus: fire, air, earth.  It measures nine meters high and weighs 3 tons. December 16th, 1986, the statue was removed because of a risk to collapse. It was put back on 17 May 1988 after three cubic meters of concrete were poured inside the statue to secure the assembly.

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