The Air School

each year, the Air force officer school in Salon-de-Provence has nearly one thousand students.

The future officers integrate, depending on their course, one of the following schools :


The Air School (EA)

A engineering school, this school provides a high level of training over three years, resulting in an engineering diploma from the Air School, equivalent to a Master.


Military Air School (EMA)

This school is a great opportunity for Air Force NCO's to become career officers through competitive testing, and obtain, after two years of training, a university undergraduate level.


Special Course Officer Training (CSFO)

The CSFO is devoted to the military training of cadets from different recruitments. It includes the following populations : the cadets « rank », the subcontracted cadets including aircrew officer cadets (EOPN), volunteers and students aspiring to be Reserve Officers. It also contributes to the training polytechnic students and technical weapons engineering studies.


Special Course of the Air School (CSEA)

It welcomes foreign cadets from countries that France has cooperation and defense agreements, for three years of training.


The Air Force Higher Education Center (C.E.M.S. Air)

The CEMS Air provides training for officers of the Air Force (from lieutenant to colonel). This is a continuation of the initial training delivered in Salon-de-Provence to prepare Air Force executives called to fill the various positions of responsibility entrusted to them during their career. In order to adapt, general culture and Defense, as well as the knowledge of command processes and management are basis of the teachings.


Administration schools of the air force (GEAAA)

Air Commissioners School (ECA) :

The ECA forms, over two years, senior managers apt to exercise in the fonctions of legal advisors, administration and finance, graduating with a diploma from ECA and a  Master in « law and defense administration » in partnership with the Faculty of Law, Aix-Marseille.

Air Force Management and Administration School (EGAAA) :

It provides specialized training over a one year period for Air Force Corps Officers in the fields of « human ressources » and « Finance, human support ». One graduates with a diploma by the EGAAA and a Public Management degree in partnership with the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance in Aix-en-Provence.

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