The Aerobatic Team

The aerobatic team of the Air Force is the second formation integrated to the Air Force Presentation teams.

Ambassador of Air Force expertise, the Aerobatic Team highlights the level of excellence achieved in the field of aerobatics

Equipe de voltigeComposed of six pilots, six mechanics, operation agents, and a photographer, this prestigious team participates in many competitions.

The Air Force aerobatic team was distinguished at the French championships organised in Castres last June coming in 2cnd and 3rd in the category Elite monoplace.

The good results obtained by these two pilots allowed the French team to be selected for European aerobatic championship in Slovakia in September.

The pilots of the  Air Force aerobatic team participate in many workshops organized by the French Federation of aeronautics, preparing them for international competitions.

In the bi-place category, two pilots were ranked 1st and 2nd during the Southern Cup organized by the French aviation Federation in Pons (17) last July. Successors are assured within the EVAA.

Titles won by this unit, champion of France to world champion, show the dedication of the pilots and mechanics.


Created on March 1st 1968, the Air Force Aerobatic team will celebrate its 45 years in  2013.

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Base Aérienne 701

13661 Salon Air


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