Marseille Provence 2013



Between Europe and the Mediterranean, the two million inhabitants of Marseille Provence are mobilized to offer throughout the year 2013, the best of their creativity, their know-how and their dreams.


A collective offering that we invite you to share any ambition and ease throughout the year 2013 throughout the territory Marseille Provence.


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January 12 and 13, we celebrate with you the launch of the European capital of culture 2013: contemporary art course, Parade of lights, great clamor, hunting ' 13, Revelations on the Rhone... a program rich in events and surprises we will be entering this exceptional year.


Around the project that you will discover through these pages and throughout the year, we mobilized all the forces of our territory and transformed our mosaic into a coherent picture.


Marseille-Provence 2013, you are here at home!


Get the program in Salon-de-Provence here

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