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The Belle Epoque in Salon

“Salon in 1900”

The event pays tribute to Salon’s heyday!

The Belle époque began in 1873 when the railway arrived in town and transformed Salon. The rural little town turned into an industrial city as the oil, soap and coffee trade boomed. This period of great economic wealth is what made the town what we see today: the main roads (Avenue de la République, Boulevard Foch etc.), train station, Théâtre Armand, Cercle des Arts, hippodrome, manors, soap factories etc.

Spend a day soaking up Belle Époque Salon! Games, dances, folklore groups, accordion players, washerwomen and so much more revive the magical 1900s. On the agenda: vintage picnic, 1900 events for children and adults, walking and carriage tours of the soapmakers’ district, soap factory tours, conferences, the 1900 great parade etc.

The 1900 great parade in the town’s streets sees countless attendees in Provençal and 1900s costumes celebrating the Salon expertise that has made it so famous since the Belle Epoque: olive oil, Savon de Marseille, Crau hay and sheep breeding.




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La TranshumanceLa Transhumance

Amazing, we’re from Martigues and we had a great day experiencing the Belle Epoque yesterday with you. Thank you for the warm welcome at Tourist Information. Hope to be back again next year. 🙂


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