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Mobitour Salon de Provence

welcome to Salon-de-Provence

Visit !

Its heritage is steeped in history: the castle, museums, Nostradamus' house, soap factories ...what a pleasure to stroll through the historical center, between fountains and terraces!


Breathe !

Its authentic nature is perfect for relaxing and practicing outdoor activities ! Celebrate ! All year long, take advantage of the large cultural program : festivals, concerts, street performances, exhibitions and animated evenings !


Salon-de-Provence is a city sized on a human scale, with pleasure you can (re)discover its charm, friendliness and dynamism. In addition, its central location makes it easy to visit all of Provence.

With Salon-de-Provence Tour, follow the guide ! In one click, find all the information necessary for your stay: accommodation, restaurants, leisure activities ... and events calendar. Make your choice and follow your  guide ! Don't forget to leave your opinion, it will be published.


The application "Salon de Provence Tour" is available in French and English.


With one click, you can call a site, send them an email or text message, or ask Google Mapsto accompany you! Share your opinion in a couple of clicks ! It will be published and available to all other users of the application.

Find all the best places for your accommodation, eating out and leisure activities on the maps, visit routes or by reading the posted comments.

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