The appli'mobiles

Useful and ergonomic applications that will follow you everywhere. Great tools for your stay in the Bouches-du-Rhô protect you, to help you find your way, making sure you never get bored!


The application "Salon de Provence Tour" is available in French and English.


With one click, you can call a site, send them an email or text message, or ask Google Mapsto accompany you! Share your opinion in a couple of clicks ! It will be published and available to all other users of the application. Find all the best places for your accommodation, eating out and leisure activities on the maps, visit routes or by reading the posted comments.
An application designed to find everything quickly and not miss a thing on the calendar.

                               Salon de provence tour




MyProvence Agenda

MyProvence Agenda allows you to find events by time, by location or category, to geo-locate and to share via email. This application is available in French and English. The cultural agenda is a Bouches-du-Rhône Tourism application.

MyProvence Agenda


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