Salon-de-Provence Tour App

Office of tourism of Salon-de-Provence has put online its free, and interactive application

"Salon-de-Provence Tour"


Applying 'Salon-de-Provence Tour' is a free downloadable Mobitour application for smartphones (Iphone, or Android).


It allows to prepare his stay then, visit Salon-de-Provence. The user will find all the necessary information: accommodation, restaurants, leisure, calendar... It also offers itineraries in the city in Geolocation.


The establishment of this modern and innovative tool meets expectations and practices of visitors. It is also an additional service offered to tourism professionals to enhance their offerings.


After download, offline mode allows to consult the application's data without even needing to connect to the internet.


This application enters a Mobitour collection that exists since 2010. To date, 86 French destinations use this tool dedicated to tourism.

Flash the QR CODE below, it gets direct access to this application

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