Jazz Racine Haïti (Quintet)

Tuesday 27 Jun
Phone 04 90 56 00 82
Address Montée Du Puech 13300 Salon-de-Provence
Swifts spend screaming into the Sky Lounge and the courtyard of the castle is transformed. Tonight the IMFP hosts Marseille Jazz from the five continents for a magical evening. As a celebration. On the stage, a single musician who has tapped into the resources of its roots for us exalt. Son of a Guadeloupean mother and a french Jewish father, the two writers Jacques Schwartz Bart has a force that affects us in the heart and takes us on a journey into the sacred culture of the Haitian Voodoo rhythms. Accompanied by pianist Grégory Privat, Stéphane Kerecki on bass, Arnaud Dolmen on drums and the voice of Moonlight Benjamin, the Jazz of Brother James, seizes us and overwhelming generosity and lyricism.
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15.0 € 20.0 €
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